Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DisneySea 2014

Back to my Japan trip (1st of April 2014 ), I went to DisneySea again. But still twice is not enough for me! I wanna go again! How I wish I can go all the theme parks in the world, next one Orlando, Florida please? Cannot, i'm that not rich :( 
It's pretty funny when I read back my previous post about DisneySea. My style totally changed, from colorful to monotone now. Don't know why, I'm more into black and white lately. I think most of my outfits in this trip was in black or white heh. I guess Black is my happy color LOL

Happy Kids in DisneySea

I don't know how many shots did my sister took, it's like 1213193193 much -.- Thanks jie.

Best mochi ever, not only cute it tastes good too. Worth trying it!

Finally get to go to the Arabian Coast
I think last year we didn't been here it's because it was raining heavily so we decided to skip it. I don't know why there's this song came across my mind " Aladeen Madafaka " when I'm here :x maybe because it's aladdin's? If you've watch the dictator I think you'll know that song so ridiculous 

Night time in DisneySea is so beautiful. Again, this year we skipped the fireworks meh. It was too cold and windy. And all of us couldn't stand it anymore, we should have worn our heattech that day. Ah, such a waste.

After a long day in DisneySea, we had sushi at Shibuya but sister and huan didn't follow us for sushi because both of them don't eat raw food so all of us decided to had our dinner separately. People who don't eat raw fishes go to eat ramen :p However, the sushi we had over here was just so-so. I still prefer the one I had in Osaka's was the best! nyam

Then we went to took purikura at Shibuya Center Gal. Still remember my first purikura in tokyo last year? So damn funny, all of us looked like aliens. But I see no difference with this, we still look like ALIENS in purikura hah. #photoshopfailtothemax
Btw, did you saw the time on the sticker? It's 23:00. We took purikura at 11pm LOL crazy I didn't know japan's amusement arcade open till so late. No wonder they have this signboard written below 18s are not allow to enter after 10pm  I guess they're open till midnight?

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