Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunsilk Sweet Trip Contest : I Want To Meet MBLAQ In Korea

Are you a big fan of MBLAQ? If yes, here’s a chance of you and friend could meet them in KOREA! Oh pur-lease don’t tell me you don’t know who is MBLAQ >_> ugh.

Sunsilk is having a this contest called " Sweet Trip " which three lucky girls can fly over to Seoul, Korea 3D2N and meet all the members!! Super duper awesome prize right? It’s like a dream come true to meet your bias.

So me myself as a KPOP LOVER, how could I miss this? I’m participating in this competition too. Don’t worry it’s really easy to join this contest, all you need to is record a 1 minute video, upload it on youtube and purchase RM20 Sunsilk products (including one Leave-on Cream) from any Watsons store in Malaysia. For the video, you need to record down 30 seconds of you doing " Pretty like me " and 30 seconds telling them why you want to meet MBLAQ.

Here’s my video, you can use it as a reference if you want to :x but don’t copy all the same like mine kayyyyyyy! Trying to look fabulous in the video lol

(Don't know why I can't embed this video on my blog ops)

I guess watching the actual " Pretty like me "  video will be more better than mine right? Haha!

Don’t laugh at my video, start learning and submit yours! Who knows who wins :p Might be you or might be me? I’m so wanna win this! Click here for more info

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