Thursday, May 15, 2014


Finally my Hermo parcel is here! In case you don’t know what is Hermo, Hermo is an online beauty store that carries over 60 brands ranging from skincare and cosmetics products, to bodycare and fragrances. Most of them are renowned brands from Korea and Taiwan which are the hottest trends right now.

So this is my first time buying stuff from Hermo and I think I made the right choice of buying beauty products from Hermo because it’s a lot cheaper and their delivery service is very efficient.

Here’s what I've bought in Hermo, my Hermo haul

1) Miss Hana Skinny Liquid Eyeliner RM29.90

The reason why I get this instead of the normal liquid eyeliner from Miss Hana is because of it’s 0.03mm super-fine brush tip so that I can use it to draw fake bottom lashes and also easily to draw any eyeliner style

The top one is from Miss Hana Skinny Liquid Eyeliner and bottom one is from XX brand eyeliner. Look how fine the line is!

2) Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara RM64

I love this a lot, I highly recommend this! Because this mascara unlike normal mascara it has a super unique function. The length can be adjusted with a simple twist of the handle to fit the need of the user. When lengthened, the mascara creates a clean long lash and when shortened, bold volume is created. And it’s also easily cleansed off! One of my fave purchased.

3) Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lip Balm [#Spilled Wine] RM39

Bought this because of it’s packaging! So cute

4) Too Cool For School - Milk Tint #Milky Pink

A peachy milky pink color on the lips after applied, one thing I like about this it doesn't disappear immediately after drinking and eating

5) Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus [ Fact Type Oil Paper ] RM17 
(Again from too cool for school? Hahaha yea this the last product I purchased from too cool for school. Love their products packaging! Heh )

After getting this, this is like one of my must have in my bag for now. I love it’s idea, the box comes along with a sponge inside just like a powder compact and it’s small enough to fit anywhere. Although I’m not a fan of oil blotting papers but I’m really impressed with this one because it absorbed more oil than I thought. No more oily oily forehead!

6) Hanaka Black Head Pore White Mask RM49

I bought this because of one of my favorite Hong Kong Youtuber Hana Tam’s video黑頭 BYE BYE 記. To be honest this product really works. I highly recommend this mask for those who have trouble with their pores especially clogged pores. Its like an all in one product; brightening, pores tightening, deep cleansing, hydrating.


That’s all for my Hermo Haul, I hope you enjoy reading it. Click here and start shopping! Before it’s all sold out :p By this link, all my readers will be rewarded 15% off for first time purchase code

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