Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lactacyd’s Bold pHantasies

Still remember my previous post about Lactacyd Love Your V? I think taking care of your V is as important as the skin care we usually use.  It’s no longer the old school way where there is not much options for liquid wash.  

Lactacyd now has a refreshed new look with an improved their All-Day Fresh formula which includes herbal essences ( on the top of Lastic acid and lactoserum ) to provide long lasting freshness! So basically, The Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash range is made from natural, mild, milk-based ingredients such as lactic acid and lactoserum. The Lactacyd range includes White Intimate, Revitalize, Soft & Silky, All-Day Fresh, Feminine Hygiene and also the wipes which gives extra benefits like skin lightening, firming, extra moisturizing on top of the basic gentle cleansing of the V. Lactacyd products helps to ensure the V retains her naturally slightly acidic pH levels that’s why lactacyd is part of my regime makes me become more confident and refreshed.

Here are the different bottles with different benefits!

White Intimate – Natural Lightening with marine and plant based extracts. 

Revitalize – Youth Reviving with vitamin E and collagen. 

Soft&Silky – Extra Moisturizing with 10% more milk extract. 

All-Day Fresh – Long lasting freshness with extra herbal essences. 

Feminine Hygiene – Normalises PH with lactic natural milk extract.

The reason why our skin around our V darken it’s because due to perspiration and friction cause by tight clothing but don’t worry about that because Lactacyd’s White Intimate has proven to give lightening results to our V to keep our V naturally fair, heh.

Btw, check out Lactacyd’s “ Bold pHantasies “ contest which you might stand a chance to drive on the F1 track, skydiving, wakeboarding, fly a plane, swim with sharks and bungee jumping. All these prizes are so cool huh? Which one of these bold pHantasies you truly desire to try out?

So, it’s very easy to start the challenge, all you need to do is swipe UP to Jump and DOWN to Slide. Collect all the items for power ups and extra points.

and get bonus items at the start of each round by answering the quiz correctly. Collect as many points as you can! Then you might stand a chance to win!  Click here to join the contest or for more info about it.

Good luck everyone, be confident enough to go extreme at least once in a life time!


  1. ASHLEY! I have noticed you look a lot like a Korean celeb named 유성은 / Yoo seung eun. If you watch her MV you look just like her ! X

  2. The MV is called "Be ok"*****

  3. ^ Wow I just googled her, she really looks like her omg long lost twin sister :O