Sunday, April 20, 2014

I love Japanese Crepe

Ohaiyo Japan I'm here again, it's my second time visiting Japan. Can't believe time flies and I'm back in Malaysia already. I think 10 days in Japan is not enough for me, I really wish I could live there. I love this country soooooo much so so muchh. Japan's environment, people, shopping, food, food and food. Ya, because of their food I've gained a lot of weight. 

I've no idea why I'm so obsessed with japanese crepes during the whole trip, the smell of crepes simply irresistible. Those days in Japan whenever I passed by any crepe's shop I'll be like : " Hey, wait! I wanna get a crepe " Then, my sis, nana and her bf will be like: " HUH? Again? How many crepes do you want to eat? Still not enough? " I replied : " Everyday I have to eat one " hahaha! So they created a few hashtags for me #ashleycrepeagain #又來crepe #每天crepe, so funny.

Here are the crepe's shop that I highly recommend you guys to try if you're planning to go which I think they have the best Japanese crepes in Japan la. 

1) Cafe Crepe Harajuku 
Located at Laforet Harajuku 1F

Oh, meet my friend Laura! 
We finally meet up for Hanami. I still remember the first time I met her was at Japan too on last year but that time she didn't know who am I cause I'm the one who followed her on instagram. So I decided to leave her a comment hoping that she will reply me and she really did replied me after that. So yup, that's how we start knowing each other. Pretty cool huh? ( Btw i'll blog about our hanami moment on the next post so stay tuned )

Strawberry oreo cheese cake crepe

Strawberry banana crepe

2) Partyland Frozen Yogurt
Located at Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku

Always love how the japanese make their shop look so cute! Especially those cute little arts.

One thing different about partyland's crepe is they used yogurt cream, not so sweet compare to others Japanese crepe.

 Can I eat this every morning? It's like so healthy hahaha! Yogurt with Fruits *yummm*

So besides crepes, every night I have to eat supper omaigod. What to do? There's a 24hours convenience store at the lobby T_T

The one and only last Cheese Curry cup noodle that I found in most of the convenience store, I don't know why is it so hard to find it. Is it something wrong with the noodle or it's limited? hmmm... no idea man. Anyone know?

Dessert everyday. I can't resist japanese's desserts

That's all for today, stay tuned for my post.


  1. You look so pretty Ashley!! I also want to visit Japan and eat al those crêpes 😳😳

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