Thursday, March 27, 2014

KOSE Sekkisei Beauty Workshop

Attended KOSE Sekkisei Beauty Workshop yesterday. Sadly the japanese make up artist for KOSE isn't there, actually I was pretty excited I get to meet him in this beauty workshop because Daphne and Nana kept on telling me he is like a japanese version of Vanness Wu very handsome lol (girlsbeinggirls) but too bad he didn't attend the one I'm attending T_T no fate!

The workshop started off with a small introduction of KOSE Sekkisei brand before we start our journey to bright and translucent beauty skin demonstration by the KOSE beautician.

First - We need to remove our make up with KOSE cream base make up remover, a scoop of a cherry size for the whole face and massage it step by step demonstrated by the beautician to remove our make up more clean. I didn't know that we need to massage our face step by step not just simply massage it lol no wonder I have so many mini whiteheads because I didn't clean my make up properly ish. 

Second - Apply Sekkisei lotion mask! Sekkisei lotion it's actually the same as toner in japanese toner called as lotion. So instead of just using toner/lotion, Sekkisei lotion can turn into a mask! A richer moisture and hydration to our skin, plus can use it everyday! 

Pour Sekkisei lotion into the bottle cap until it reaches the line then put this mask tablet in and allow the mask to absorb the lotion. After that you can leave it on the face already for 10 minutes only not more than 10 minutes remember! Because if you leave it too long the mask will absorb back all the moisture.

Here're the 9 benefits of Sekkisei Lotion: - Translucency - Penetration - Moisturizing - '0' Pores - Whitening - Smoothing - Firming - Relaxing – Evenness

 Feel so refreshing after the mask!

  Third - Apply Sekkisei Emulsion. Two full pump on a cotton pad and apply the whole face

Now we have complete our daily skin care rountine! It's time for making our skin look more fair like a baby skin with Sekkisei White BB cream and Sekkisei Supreme loose powder!

 SEEEE MY SKIN TURN SO FAIR ADI OMG with all Sekkisei products!

I'm so gonna grab all during my trip in Japan. Once again, thank you KOSE for inviting me to this useful beauty workshop. I can't wait to blog about the giveaways that I'll be giving you guys! Please stay tune okie? You can go to or for more information.

And also, KOSE Sekkisei is having a Cinderella contest from 3rd Marh to 9th April. The winner of the Sekkisei Cinderella contest will get - RM15,000 CASH PRIZE - 1 year supply of Sekkisei products - A trip to Japan for Sekkisei's 30th birthday party - To be covergirl for magazine

So awesome right the prizes? So what are you waiting for? Join the contest now at here

Good Luck girls!

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