Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Double Eyelid?

If you're one of loyal reader I guess you've read before one of my previous post that I blogged about I have inner double-fold eyelid and I wish to have pretty double eyelid in my entire life. I don't know why I can't use double eyelid tape to make my eyelid to double eyelid lol maybe I have too many fats on my eyelid that's why I can't? I've no idea why too.
But now this you guys realize I have double eyelid already??!!!
Yup, I went to did Urunique Scarless Double Eyelid by Dr Rachel Chew at Skinart Clinic

So I guess the first question you guys will be asking me is pain or not?
Honestly it's a little pain at the end part of the eyelid because it's like stitching three knots on your eyelid but the pain is bearable of course. The whole procedure take less than an hour, for mine I guess it takes 35 minutes only so fast right? Anyway, I takes 3 weeks to fully recover for the bruises and swelling but everyone is different some might take longer or some even faster.

Here's my eyes after 2 weeks!

Yup that's before lol! Now my eyes look more bigger :p

After 3 weeks. So if you're interested you can contact skinart clinic at +60196211399 ( whatsapp ) or skinartclinic (wechat) for more info. Don't worry, during consultation Dr Rachel will explain to you about the outcome and the procedure :)


  1. Can I ask about the cost is about how much? need rm3k or less than?

  2. May i know how much does it cost?

  3. Did you do your chin as well? Your chin looks more sharper and v now

  4. i just realized... why are u deleting ur comments?