Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I know I've been gone for too long, finally I'm back to blogging. I went on a vacation to Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City with my family on the 5th day of chinese new year so probably I've missed all the CNY gambling moments while I'm back, aish. *er sounds like I'm a gambler lol* But to be honest this year I don't feel excited for CNY I don't know why maybe I'm getting old? wtf I used to be so excited for ang pows but now, nope. Weird me. 

Anyway, as many of you requested me to blog about my outfit that I worn on my dad birthday so here is it, yay!

I'm wearing Pearly Wong's black dress but I'm don't know which collection it's from if you're really interested on it you can inbox her on facebook and ask her about it I've already tagged her facebook link on top check it out (btw she is my cousin :p)

Black Dress // Pearly Wong
Gold Watch // Casio
Necklace // Lahlahland
Heels // China

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  1. Ash, can u blog about ur vacation to Ho Chi Minh City? I might love to refer. Thanks