Friday, January 10, 2014

Toshiba FlashAir wireless memory card

Many of you asked me why some of my pictures in my instagram is so clear and nice isn’t it troublesome to transfer pictures from camera to smartphone? So here’s my answer why I said no, there’s no troublesome for me to transfer my pictures and I think for me it’s easy and convenience? Hahaha Maybe because I’m using the brand new FlashAir™ wireless memory card from Toshiba! I’m so excited to try it out when I first received it. As you know Toshiba produces a wide range of digital media storage devices such as SDHC™, SDXC™, microSD™ and USB flash drives to meet the growing storage needs of electronic devices. In fact, Toshiba is actually the company that invented Flash memory! So far I’m loving this FlashAir™ wireless memory card I’ll rate it as 10 over 10, the best wireless memory card I’ve ever used. It’s fast and convenience! I can transfer my pictures to my smartphone on the spot less than 5 minutes. Awesome eh?

So this is how it works,

Once you snap a photo from your camera it automatically transfer to the FlashAir’s app if you’ve already connect  your smartphone wi-fi to your FlashAir’s wireless. Just like this,

Yup connected! Then choose “ Use Without Internet “ ( Oh, btw I changed the wi-fi name to ashohtonic because I think it’s cool to put my own name on it lol? You can choose to change it or not to)

after that go to FlashAir app to save your pictures!

Ta-dah all my pictures from my camera! Select the pictures that you want to save on your smartphone to your camera roll!

Isn’t it easy breezy? Not only smartphones, iPad, laptop or any devices that can connect to wi-fi!! Plus, Toshiba has set up the SD Association with other partners that develops and publishes technical standards for SD technology, which means the great products go through the many stringent processes of making sure everything passes the SD Association's SD technology test.

Here’s a short video clip to share with you all by Toshiba,

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to buy it because here’s a chance you can win it home! Even me myself have already participle in the contest hehehe! Just answer this simple question “Why is a WIFI SD card better than a normal SD card? “ (The most creative yet logical and best answer stands to win!) on this website ! So hurry up and submit your answer because the contest ends at February 2014.

For more information about FlashAir™ wireless memory card click here!

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  1. Hi Ashley may I know what camera you using? Hope to get your reply! :)