Friday, September 27, 2013

SG trip : F1 Grand Prix Big Bang + Wild Honey

If you follow me on any of my social networks you probably have noticed that I went to Singapore last week with ma girls. So my purpose of going Singapore was for F1 Grand Prix Big Bang, at first I was planned to go alone because my sister them were planned to go 1 World Music Festival but unfortunately a few days before the concert, 1WMF had been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. So they have no choice follow me to BB concert hahaha yay! All thanks to MichelleFei for helping me so much to get the tickets and also sell the tickets too. ( Long story, not gonna talk about why I buy and sell the tickets lol) Here're a few BB photos that I took for all my BBVIP readers!

Finally seeing five of them together on stage T_T They performed more than 12 songs that day if I'm not mistaken, $68(sg dollar) for this you say worth of not?!

On the next day, we had brunch at Wild Honey@Scotts Square. My favorite breakfast/brunch place in SG, nyummmmmm

I had Norwegian Breakfast which consists of two perfect poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian smoked salmon (Y) 

And also Mandarin Wilderness, an ice blended mix of raspberry, banana, mandarin and honey. Looks so sour and berry right? But it tasted like bananas, slurp

I don't know what my sister and nana ordered so.....

You guys might be wondering where's Daphne, she went to dye her hair that's why she's missing :p

Our matching outfits : B&W

Beanie // Boundlezz
Cropped Top // Jaspal
Cross necklace // Os Accessories

Pants // Influence made in malaysia

This month favorite pair of sneakers // New Balance
Socks // 4 socks

Look who we met in SG! Yutakis and Sophie <3 <3 We had so much fun in SG, I can't wait to see them again~ 

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