Monday, September 23, 2013

Badass Outfit

Snapback // Minvs
Bandana // Bangkok
Evil Teeth Necklace // Liv-berty
Tank Top // Chrome Hearts (Japan)
Tartan Skirt // Hashtags 
Black Leather Ankle Boot // T.U.K. Anarchic 7-Eye 

This is my badass outfit during my Sister's 21st birthday bash - gangster style. It will be perfect if I'm holding a baseball bat haha!

Got some fashion inspirations from some cool japanese and taiwanese instagrammers, mad love their styles! Actually that tartan skirt isn't a skirt, it's a dress. I tuck in the top of the dress into the dress and make it look like a skirt. Isn't it a good idea to turn your dress into a skirt huh? :p It's really hard to find a nice tartan print skirt in malaysia, so far the nicest one I've seen before was UNIF Nevermind Plaid Skirt but I don't where can I get it T_T 

I don't know why I feel so Youngbae(Taeyang) in this outfit, so him! O_O (I FEEL) #justsaying Bandana with snapback plus chrome heart tank top

So what do you think of my badass outfit?
Hate it? Love it?


  1. Hi Ashley! I'm Shellie! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! Hope I'm the lucky one!

  2. Hello I'm Huey Shin from Melaka ! I really wish to go to the event ! Thanks so much

  3. Hi Ash! Love your outfit! Very one of a kind, just like g-dragon...
    Such a perfect give away prizes, hope to be the lucky ones~ looking forward to see you too...

  4. I need those tickets because apparently Arthur's day on thursday is not enough! It has to be on FRIDAY too! Party rox :D Let's rockxxx this party!