Thursday, September 12, 2013


Tik tok tik tok... As the time goes by, everything is changing. I'm single. I guess some of you've already noticed it right? Yeap... It's a peaceful break up, there's no dramatic story or whatever shit. I appreciate every happy moments we had and I did not regret for being with him for that 3 years because it was a great relationship. So... that's all I can say :) (feel so awkward to write this out)

Back to topic, I've to go to college tomorrow for my appraisal day. Ish... I feel so don'twanttogo. One of the reason I don't want to go it's because this semester, my work sucks. Feel so embarrassing to show 'em out. HOWWWWWWW..... Damn regretted max for not putting much effort on my works. Ish x2 such a bad bad girl. By the way, I'm so into EXO lately. They're like so freaking handsome and talented. I wonder how their company find them, it's like all so perfect non of them is ugly D: so unfair lol. Do you like Exo too?

Anyway, here're some pictures that I took on Yaasui Gathering Merdeka Day before I end my post.

White crop top // Topshop
Evil Teeth Necklace // Liv-berty

Socks // 4socks
Creepers // Demonia
Pants // Influence_my 


  1. 真希望你们还在一起 真的很配 很喜欢你们这对

  2. You guys make a great couple. It'll be nice if you all can be together again. Just saying tho :)

  3. 你们复合了对吗?是真的话我好开心噢