Friday, June 14, 2013

Kakao Talk

Yay! I just downloaded a new app Kakao talk. Do you all know why I’ll download this app? I guess some of you’ve already know why if you’re a big fan of them heheee…. It’s because BIG BANG collaborate with this app and they have their very own kakao stickers inside!!!! (Scream) #crazyfangirl lol  They had a Kakaotalk X BIGBANG event in Jakarta maybe they will have one in MALAYSIA! If have, that will be even awesome #justsaying 

Anyways, back to topic! The reason why I like Kakao talk is because it’s free chat and free call! It can host up to 5000 people in ONE chat room. Also, able to make a group call that consist of 5 people at a time! Awesome huh? Yup, I tried it and it works! Plus, you can change your voice to TOM or BEN if you feel shy/awkward to talk with your friend with your own voice Hahaha!

Random conversation with my sister 
Actually there’re a lot of stickers not only BIG BANG, there’s Yuna our local artiste and others cute cute cartoon too! You can download ‘em from Item Store and also theme just like mine!What’s more?  You can play games with your friends! I’m currently playing “ Everybody Play ” Challenge me ok ?^_^

Don’t forget to Kakao Talk me! Here’s my ID : Ashohtonic ☺

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