Sunday, June 30, 2013

Japan Trip // Vending Machine

Only one sentence I can describe this trip, that's:" I'll definitely go to Japan again & again " I love this place so much, seriously I'm so into Japan right now totally poisoned with it. They have everything I love! I would say everything because Japan have clean environment, friendly people, good food and I started to like a lot of Japanese clothing brands and also some from the UK&USA brands and most of the cool shop from Tokyo are selling 'em. I know online shopping it's much more cheaper for UK&USA brands but I prefer on the spot buying because it's safer and I'm afraid some of the cloth's measurement are not what I've expected. Ah, how I wish I could live in Japan T_T 
 I still remember I told my sister I want to live in Korea but now I've changed my mind I want to live in Japan hahaha... I want Japan to be my second home lol  

I thought Japan stuff and food are expensive but no, I was wrong it's actually almost the same like Malaysia. It's about RM20-30 for a meal? Only two of these, transportation and accommodation is expensive for a Malaysian. FYI, never ever take a cab in Japan because for me I think it's freaking expensive, it fares typically start at ¥700(RM22.3) for the first two kilometers and increase by roughly ¥100 for every additional 500 meters traveled. So you think worth or not? lol

Basically this trip, we took trains a lot. Because their trains are really convenient,

After seeing this picture know what I mean right? You can get to most places in the Tokyo by train.

It's better to get this card when you're in Japan, it's like a Japan's touch n go. The Suica card will cost ¥2000(RM 63.7) to purchase (¥500 deposit and ¥1500 travel value). We bought it from Harajuku station, a Suica vending machine.

Okay, how about accommodation? We stay in Harajuku a very small apartment which cost about RM700/per pax for 7days 6nights and there're four of us. I think it's consider expensive ._. But I like the location we stayed, it's near to all the cool shops. Ermmm.... I didn't snap any photos of the apartment, because I forgot already.

This is Japan awesome washroom. So clean, I can shit there comfortably. Not like Malaysia's zzzz

I love "after poo/pee" features

And what you will see in most of the places in JAPAN, VENDING MACHINES! Finally get to try out their vending machines so many cute drinks T_T

I still remember the day we left Japan. This vending machine have special discount on it which cost all the drinks ¥80 only! If I'm not mistaken it's a smiley campaign by the japanese but I didn't read it clearly because we're rushing to the airport.


Marvel wallpaper vending machine? 

High-tech vending machine! This one damn power, it use facial recognition technology to recommend customers what they want to drink. It can recognize whether you're male or female, old or young and recommend drinks that suits you wtf.

How about CIGARETTE vending machine?

Ice-cream vending machine?

Most of the restaurant in Japan have this Food menu machine. Consider as vending machine? No? Yes?

SUPPEPRRRRR high-tech menu LOL

Oh ya, most of the vending machines in Japan can use Suica card to purchase. So nice right?

Okay, that's all for today! Stay tuned for my next Japan post! 
Off to Macau later.


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