Saturday, January 26, 2013


I just had my english presentation this morning! We're required to do a persuasive speech in the class and my topic was " Plastic surgery bring bad effects to our life ".
Yup, it's just a simple topic and I sucked at it LOL I didn't realized my hands were actually blocking the projector during my speech and because of that my slideshow was totally ruined by my hands wtf T_T Anyway, I'm not the only one that bad lah.... I think......... I think..... ( careless me T_Tx2 )

Nevermind, it's over useless to be sad right now. After that ghkhlgj speech I went to brunch with my sister Jane at Publika! We have found another new place to chill in Publika! Oh Yeah, Uh Huh!
So for those who've asked me in instagram/twitter where is the coffee shop located, here is it! "Coffee stain by Joseph @ Publika "

Love my sister's cap, so nice!

Here's our nommie! 

Cheesy Ham

Sunny Bun

Our hot drinks! Gwi yeo weo~ 第一次喝那么可爱的热巧克力

My hot dark chocolate bear

Sister's mocha totoro

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