Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi everyone! I'm back! the golden disk awards was awesome! 
Here's one of my selca picture that I took on the 2nd day, I know I look kinda weird in this picture without color contact lenses, what to do? The new bought color contact lenses haven't arrive yet zzzz... and I realized I look so different without it wtf. My eyes look so tired and dead. Okwhatever.

So today I'm not gonna blog about Golden Disk Awards first because I haven't get all the awards photos yet from the official photographer side >_< so sorry~ mian hae~

But don't worry, because today I got something even more better than that *I think* for you all!
So are you guys ready?!
I recorded down a video of G-dragon during the Golden Disk Award Media Interview! I believe you guys must be very very jealous and very hate me right now because I was so near to him lol! (evil me)

Nevermind, you guys can watch it here! See I'm so good right? I recorded it down to let you all watch :p Remember watch it in 720p HD ok! Change it at the setting there, enjoy!

오빠 너무 잘생겠어요~

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